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Life is too short to be anything but happy.

back to my roots

i’ve just realized that my blog which started as an outlet for me to express myself has devolved into a re-blogging machine with almost no original content whatsoever. how sad.

why tho, the amount of thinking i did per day doesn’t exactly change that much per se. Neither is the need for me to silently think in my head and talk to myself. so what changed? how weird that in the process of trying to connect with others around me i have begun to get disconnected with myself. have i been prioritizing things not the way it should be? or is that a necessary compromise which i need to eventually make if i were to be able to have a proper social life?

how peculiar…

could there possible be a saturation point in every things that i do? so that what it actually need is just time for me to cycle back into the things that i were used to? maybe just like music, after finding new stuff and having enough new things i’ll eventually re-explore the old stuff only to be pleasantly surprised with how it makes me feel. and surely enough it feels so relieving to be able to talk here again. regardless of anything else. it also gives a small comfort to me, that amid everything else, some things remains the same. 

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I remember reading On The Road and thinking how cool it would be to be out there on the road with nothing but a backpack and a few books, some jazz records, and now, I’m so scared. God, I’m so bourgeois.

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Most people, when they come to you for advice, come to have their own opinions strengthened, not corrected.

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Plastic bag landscapes by Vilde J. Rolfsen | On Tumblr

Ongoing project, where I use light and colored background to make plastic bags look magical. Creating a landscape within the plastic bag. 

Plastic bags are a huge contributor to the landfill waste, and are extremely harmful for our oceans and the creatures living there. Do not say yes to a plastic bag when shopping. These plastic bags were found in the street.”

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Artist & Sculptor:

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

"空的時刻 勿忘死亡"

H122 cm x W27 cm x D23 cm



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AUTUMN TALES by we-love-rain ☁ ☂

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